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Aran's Valley Restaurant Dining Room. Bossòst. Vielha

salon-comedor-restaurante-bossost-aThe Hosteria Catalana's Restaurant has a good reputation for its high quality cuisine, and the attention to detail, so your food in Bossòst generate satisfaction at large.

If you wish to dine in Bossòst town, Vielha city or the Aran's Valley like you usually do it at home, you will find at the Hosteria Catalana seasonal products, and the Catalan and Spanish cuisine, prepared with simplicity and care of any good cook, but presented with a special delicacy.

We have a carte menu with four options for each dish. Renew the plates often ... let advice. For any specialty, we will study the proposal, preferencres and budget. Do not be disappointed.

The room of our restaurant is airy, about 200 m2. With capacity for 150 people. It has excellent views of the mountains of the Aran's Valley, and Bossòst town slate roofs.

We have a room where banquets to smaller groups or in a more private environment. From there, the gardens, flowers, wood ... Our environment will seduce you.

We always have things to celebrate, there is nothing better than a good meal shared with those we love so much. Whether it be Weddings, Baptisms, Communions, Anniversaries, ... In Bossòst, the reception is ensured and at the Hosteria Catalana we will be fine.

Our clients can park beside the restaurant or under the trees along the Garonne, beside the road from Vielha to France. There is shade in summer and notice the warmth of home in winter.

After a walk, a hike, a bike ride ... In Hosteria Catalana, notice, we can provide the toilet, a little rest and a hearty meal in our restaurant which will complete its business.

Our "on route restaurant" service, allows coaches to make long journeys (Lourdes, Toulouse ,...) a station on their journey, offering relaxation in a rural environment, with a certain distance from the road, and whether a meal, lunch or snack without losing much time. In France, the catering services are more expensive, and in our Aran's Valley environment are really competitive.