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Hosteria Catalana's Hotel History. Aran's Valley. Bossòst

The Hosteria Catalana is a Hotel, Restaurant and of course, a catering center in Bossòst, bar, private parking, garage, meeting rooms, patios, ...

Launched and promoted in 1961 by my grandfather, Salvador Aguilera († 1975) with the support of my great-grandfather Antonio Roque († 1969), managed by my parents, Jose Maria and Elvira during my childhood, and renewed sharply since 1993, I have intervened more directly. Clearly it is a family hotel, relatively small, and typical of an era when style and criteria could say that were the forerunners of today.

It is a hotel that has evolved and is evolving to offer the best possible quality to it's customers. It is a restaurant where a family meal, a celebration, a situation happened, you can enjoy with all senses. Where it is easy to generate friendship, have references in the area, obtain services and access hoteliers painstaking quite naturally to those responsible, who are like the rest of the staff, their service.

We are in a privileged setting, close to Vielha, Luchon, France, Low - Aran. We are citizens of the world and those who harbor and feel. Aran by location, Catalan origin, the more genuine for the Spanish, used to service for the French, Aragonese root ... integrate all our environment.

To know, you have to visit. However, we use this website, use modern technology and high projection, to facilitate these images, these texts with references that motivated finished.

We announced with the intention of meeting you. In this world begins with a physiognomy, it fosters a conversation with exchanges about personal or professional, it enters into a relationship of trust, which is no longer little, and after enjoying a good meal or a good rest, consolidates a relationship framework.